Monday, December 14, 2009

Puppet Master Introduction & Video Guide by Nigma

Here is a really good guide for both, pro and newbie players of Puppet Master. Puppet Master is a Heroes of  Newerth original hero, so for some of  the Dota to Hon newcomers this might be very interesting. This video is made by Nigma. I really like his style, watch the video below. Enjoy



Author comments:

Hey guys! Nigma here.

Well, it's my first stand-alone hero guide. Definitely took more effort than anything I've done so far. I had to cut out some of it because it simply exceeded the 10 minute Youtube limit otherwise. Note that although I do consider this a guide I don't directly give you an item path. That's because A) Items are subject to change, and B) I'd much rather show you the direction to go rather than just showing you a single item build. Besides, what items you are going to get are subject to change from game to game anyways.

Anyways, I hope you like it.


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