Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hon Stats - Hon community stat tracking

Here is an site that allows you to see weekly stats for every hero in Heroes of Newerth. For example the most played hero this week is Forsaken Archer with 226,748 matches played, second most is Witch Slayer with 171,330 and the third is Scout with Scout 168,773 matches played. Least played hero is Ophelia with 28,047 matches.
The yellow stats are the biggest values, and green stats are the lowest values.

Stats that are tracked are listed here:
Matches Played
Number Wins
Number Losses
% Win
% Lose
Avg Kill Death Ratio
Avg Assist Death Ratio
Avg Kills
Avg Deaths
Avg Assists
Avg Gold/Min
Avg Exp/Min
Avg Creep Kills
Avg Creep Denies
Avg Mins/Match
Play Hours

Additionaly you can compare stats for multiple heroes. Here is an example graph showing Matches played. From the graph you can see that scout was in most matches on 29.10, and Ophelia is the most underplayed hero in Hon

 Here is the link:

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